Baboons running through the turnip patch.

They're running swiftly they're hard to catch.

Rain pounding on a lid of a garbage can

The baboons are running as fast as they can.

Roosters riding on the backs of baboons

Children weeping while watching cartoons.

A dainty lady eating a dish of prunes

All this happening in the afternoon.


Turn up the radio nice and loud.

Throwing confetti on an angry crowd

They are angry because you turned your radio up too high

Someone’s mother is baking an apple pie.


Someone’s son is eating apple pie

Someone’s uncle is eating jam on rye

Someone’s getting fat we know why

“Most of the nation”, you sigh.

Hello, I saw you.  You greeted me and I greeted you, but you were too busy to let me tell you that a butterfly landed in the center of your forehead.  What were you going to do?  Walk around with a butterfly on the center of your forehead?  If you were going home, I hope it flew off.  If I wanted to tell you about the butterfly in the center of your forehead you might say "See you later", but there wasn't enough time tell you. Would you have believed me?  That's the catch.  You would think I was joking. 





Excessive Artichokes

Bald bald bald are the people who eat excessive artichokes.  Artichokes are fine in moderation, but excessive artichoke-eating may cause peoples' earlobes to grow longer and their hair to fall out.  Excessively long earlobes may get in the way while you are walking, running, riding a bicycle and they could catch in a door jam.

Also, caused by excessive artichoke eating, the earlobes may take on the behavior of cats' tails acting independently of each other and in some cases the lobes may wag like dogs' tails while the person who owns them is highly unaware of their behavior.

One young woman caught one of her earlobes stealing food off of a neighboring table while she was in a restaurant.  The other customers complained about her left earlobe.  The restaurant manager requested her to tie her ear earlobes in a bow. The woman was innocent.  It was the independent behavior of the earlobe that was the problem.  She had no control over her earlobes also she could no longer eat artichokes because she was a severe case.

Are the heart and mind combined?  Can there be a mind without a brain?  Why do people feel things in their hearts if emotions come from the brain?  Is everything connected?