The wintering dragons were swallowed  by heavy metal hens in the rain.  Dainty hens were laughing at poodles on a windy day and the wind was laughing at the dainty hens while humans were trying to play ping pong in the wind.  A girl walked by wearing only a long tee shirt that extended to her knees.  Her hair blew in the wind while it briefly rained.  Then an east wind blew and it became warmer.  Seagulls swooped down and grabbed goodies wherever they could find them in the form of leftover food.  The sound of canned laughter was heard after someone opened  a can with a can opener.  Sleek kittens were walking on cardboard while a man politely turned down some marijuana.  He preferred to not use marijuana and marijuana preferred to not use him.  He preferred to enjoy the weather conditions.  He enjoyed moderate meals, books, music and general mathematics.  He enjoyed the sound of the hens in the background.  Other breeds of dogs engaged in philosophical discussions.  While humans hummed in unison in a synchronized fashion while fashion models discovered thriftier ways of dressing.  It was in the wind.

The nasturtiums were covered by the rain and their roots absorbed the water.  The flowers were bright orange, yellow and a few dark red ones.  The sky was a mixture of dark grey clouds with lighter grey in places.  Water rushed down the gutters in the streets.  Dirt and grease was being rinsed off the streets as the sky was being cleansed of pollutants.

A young man walked into a library and grabbed a book at random and started to read.  The rain pounded on the roof.  His hair was damp from the drizzle from walking to the library in the light rain.  He had grabbed a book about geology.  If he did not know a word he would grab a dictionary.  Then he would wright the definition down in his notebook.  The rain pounded down on the roof of the library.

Out of the sky fell a rain drop the size of a medium sized car and it splashed on the street below.

The sound enraged horses dancing  with electronic keyboards.  Lost in  a tent with a psychedelic poster on the tent wall.  He was exhausted.  The rain plummeted down on the roof of the tent.  A deer ran into the forest.  The rain pounded without mercy.  He always carried a small elf in his pocket.  The rain held its rhythm.  This was only the beginning of the drone in the background.  He sat  in his tent.  He was still a young man.  He would grow in wisdom to be taller than the saplings.  He smelled something burning in the distance similar to burning hay.  He was in a desert after he had eaten his dessert.  The desert was lucky that it was raining.  He no longer smoked anything he grew tired of smoking and enjoyed clear lungs and morning breezes, even east winds and warm tea in the morning.  He was to not smoke ever again.  The desire was gone.  Yet, others stumbled through their lives with red eyes.  

She received a glorious boquette of orange and yellow glowing lights.  Up in the sky white clouds tinged with grey  blew across a pink sky.  Then rode upon a powerful rain cloud and the thunder boomed as it began rain pounding on the surface of the earth.  The plants needed water.  There had been a drought for a long time, in fact, many years of drought.  There were cracks in the earth because of the drought.

The brain is a magnificent because I love shiny new polished pebbles.  Does that make me a pebble polisher.  I would rather wear pling than bling.  I would rather breath air than bongs.  I would rather eat my salad with tongs.  What a song!  The nearness of prunes to harness variety and not eat too many prunes too often.  You may be delighted when there are no mosquitoes around.  However, if you have shelter, you may enjoy the rain.  The rain drenching earth and the new rebirth.  The newness of using what you have and learning something thoroughly.  It could be anything a poem, an entire book, a math problem.  a math formula, information about any branch of science, art or any hobby you enjoy. 

Obsession with rain, what is it called?  It is called pluviophilia.

Beautiful green snails sing in the night while Miss Lookieluu sings about nothing in particular.  You have always had the best looking snails in the village.  That's why I'm so proud of you.  Especially, when you are malingering in front of the cabin.  I am so delighted it makes me want to buy chocolate... especially fair trade organic chocolate because it is fair to the farmers and perhaps better for the environment.  Also, perhaps they treat the workers better.  You know that's important.  We want a better world.  Especially a world where cocoons are free to roam with raccoons through the cityscape.  It has always been my concern that everyone who wants limes who are not allergic to them can have their fair share.  I believe that would be a wonderful thing.  Especially for people who love limes.  This is a very juicy thing.

Rain is fabulous slicking the streets wet, let me tell you about the scene the sky is clean crisp like a freshly laundered tee shirt free of dirt.  The air is clean free of smoke don't need a toke.  Here you go bloke you joke.  I slip in tight my work time to go.  Save my pennies living on burritos and air.  The sky cracks open and reminds me there's a difference between what I want and what I need.  Dictators drag on while you hide your freedom in a cedar box filled with the power of minimalism.  You need less stuff not no stuff.  You read your apocrypha in the rain inside your mind and combine them with your own ideas combined with information you gathered from people, places, books, videos, websites and you return to your place of power that remains well hidden.  You learned from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.  You still have choices.  The wind blows and a truck swerves in the street as you walk to your abode hiding in a grey mist blending with your hoodie.  Nobody needs to know but you.  You work your magic but hide your inner light from the misguided, the misinformed and only help them enough because if you show them too much of your light they will try to trap you with their ignorance.  

My soul was infiltrated by rhythmic vibrations of the universe.  I was at one with the infiltrator.  

Barlunga, you are still a young girl.  It is never too early to begin your journey.  That is your path through life.  This does not mean an expensive voyage, but beginning to a apply wisdom to your life while you are still young.

Have you forgotten the thunder and the rain?  You must not forget the thunder and the rain or its source.  The plants, people and animals will perish without water, so remember the importance of water.  Thus, you must conserve water but use it wisely to water the crops but only as needed.  Allow the sky to deliver its water.  In times of drought remember to conserve water but water food plants and trees so they will survive the drought to the best of your ability for there may come a time when there is not enough water.  

Part of your learning is to remain healthy avoid the abuse of substances and keep your mind unclouded and your lungs as clear as possible.  The pollutants in the air are not a reason to inhale smoke in any form.  

As soon as you are able you would do well to seek gainful employment, even when you are still in school.  Always  apply the basics in your life and understand unit pricing.  You would do well to apply the compounding interest formula to your life and start investing your money as early as possible. Beware of fraudsters and only invest your money with a large well known investment firm.  Do not be too conservative in your investing or too aggressive.  Avoid fads and dress simply and keep your jewelry to a minimum.  Do not show off wealth and blend in with the people but avoid following the crowd blindly.  Seeking the acceptance of the crowd at any cost is to be avoided but at the same time avoid standing out unnecessarily.

There are many people with greater education who fail to invest there money wisely despite their degrees.  Even small to moderate amounts of money invested monthly can grow immensely if invested consistently over many years. Start early and you will receive your rewards and remember to be thrifty.

You would be wise to learn  the differences between your wants and your needs.  As well, you would do well to learn to want what you need and know the difference.  Too many have failed to learn this lesson.  Do not be one of them. 

Joy is to be had by simplicity but not too simple.  It is wise to learn the arts and sciences, keeping in mind one cannot be a master of everything.

I was seen by myself photographing giant acorns in a park.  Other people were oblivious to me and my camera.  They did not see me but I saw myself with my old 35 millimeter camera.  This and my multi-tool was all I was carrying along with a little extra film.  The sky above me was yawning while tree in the park were swaying in the wind.  A giant pair of eyes formed in the clouds above but they were only noticed by me and myself.  I saw the the eyes in the sky at the same time I saw myself from above with my camera and I took pictures of the eyes in the clouds.  I later successfully developed the film and saw the eyes in the sky.  When I showed the pictures to other people all they said they saw were rain clouds.  Why did I see the eyes in the sky?  It rained that day and I left the park.  I had stashed my camera in my backpack with my multi-tool and my water bottle.  I had felt thirsty despite it not being a warm day.  I walked from the park in the rain but I could hear the rain and the wind blowing through the trees.  Oddly, the people sat and stood in the park as if the rain was not there.  What was going on?  Why was I aware of the rain and they weren't.  I thought about my favorite multi-tool in  my backpack.  I walked passed a drugstore on the way back to my abode in a nearby neighborhood.  It was wonderful to me.  I appreciated my neighborhood while others grew bored and thought they needed new homes but I was content with my own.  It was still raining and the sidewalk was wet while rain water flowed in the gutter.  A fish flew by my face about three yards away but it was not a flying fish because it had no wings.  I had no idea where the fish came from. This flying fish that was not the same species as a flying fish.  I saw things other things that other people did not see, like eyes in the clouds.  I took one last look and the clouds were above me and the cloud eyes closed.  Then they blended into the other clouds and disappeared. I walked across my front yard into my house.  I was not frightened  of what I saw.  I was accustomed to seeing things that no one else noticed.  I had learned long ago that I was better off not telling people about the things I saw that were out of the ordinary for most people.  I was  not insane but for some reason I saw things like the fish flying by and the eyes in the sky.

In 1937 I repeatedly sent myself envelopes in the mail so I could receive more mail.  I was always delighted to send mail to myself.  I also enjoyed sending myself parcels in the mail. Ofttimes I enjoyed sending myself a box with nothing in it because that was exactly what I needed.  I did not need too many possessions.  Many people were into collecting but not me.  

A neighbor's cat was walking through the neighborhood asking humans, dogs and other cats for a thimble but I have  no idea why the cat was looking for a thimble.  I wonder if the cat was into sewing?  Talking cats looking for thimbles were discovered to be inhabiting the entire world  but they had to find shelter when it started to rain. One cat asked "Do you know where I can find some wolfish biscuits?".  I replied "I don't know what wolfish biscuits are".  

You may manifest your desires on a blank wall like a movie projector or a slide show or perhaps you could slide around on a wood floor wearing socks.  Also, you could play a guitar or other stringed instrument.  You may even decide to sing about kite strings or even shoe strings.  The possibilities are endless or you could say "Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"  Other wonderful things may make your face glow in the dark while carrying a tiny radio in your pocket while hiding behind honeysuckle vines.  Wonderful wandering in your home town while flying a kite with a small magnet on the end of its tail.  

Grapes chilled from the refrigerator were served to anyone who desire them.  Very few were allergic to the grapes.  There were a wide variety of grapes served.  Some red, some green, some purple and rarely other colors.  

She rode on the back of an eagle along the coast and waves crashed on the beach.  The sky was orange and the clouds shifted rapidly while the rain pounded down on the sand.

Beautiful hens are lovely.  Lovely hens are excellent for practice.  You may choose to focus on mystical purple hens with fluorescent green party hats.  Many people are afraid to wear fluorescent party hats in public.  This fear may be appropriate for many people but you can think about lovely hens freely without attracting undue attention.  The lack of singing purple hens in my hometown is deeply disturbing.  I was raised with purple hens in the yard.  In fact, I was raised among them. As a child I enjoyed mumbling among the purple hens.  Thanks to my childhood, I still love the color purple to this day.  I enjoy driving my purple station wagon and wearing my purple suit with a purple tie.  I also wear  a purple hat and purple shoes.  When I am dressed casually, I enjoy wearing a purple tee shirt, purple pants and purple sneakers.  I even have a purple multi-tool and a purple pocket knife.  My condominium is painted purple and in front we have purple flowers.  I have a collection of purple books on a variety of subjects.  My kitchen has  a purple theme and every room in the house has shades and tints of purple.  Some darker purple and the walls inside my condo are a very pale purple, white with a tint of purple.  I enjoy eating a lot of purple food.  I like to dye white rice with a non toxic purple food coloring.  Red onions look partly purple so I enjoy those and purple hard boiled eggs.  I occasionally, enjoy purple ice cream with purple grape soda floats.  Is my love of purple preposterous?

Crackling thunder was  heard with booming explosions and the earth quaked.  The sound of augmented ninth chords on a piano were heard along with the sound of electric bass both in a minor key.  A dog named Harold ran on the side walk in the rain with long coat drenched wet. Harold enjoyed the rain but preferred to listen to news broadcasts on the the radio.

I was slangin' my cheese in the breeze and eating my prunes in the noon while watching cartoons.  Then it started raining and senior citizens started laughing.  After that...High School seniors started laughing.  The wind became angry and pink icing fell on the trees.  Everyone felt the freedom of cup cakes and previous grilled cheese sandwiches served with oranges.  It was remarkable.  People were happy for hours with rain and its showers.  Someone's pet dog began to cower but the pack leader human took him home for a groomin'. 

The dog got a buzz cut he felt better not in a rut.

I was delighted by your golden French hens dancing with the wren and the roosters playing ping pong.  It was a delightful display of gibberish.  Yes, gibberish is one of my most favorite things in the universe.  I like it even better than  folding tee shirts.  I have always preferred tee shirts to L shirts.  I'm not sure why.  There must be a reason.  My golden hens were smiling lightly while living in the land of Gringrauli but this never worried me because they had wisdom in the their pocket, though others demanded silence.  It came to pass that the hens were very intelligent and had a love for geometry.  They enjoyed memorizing geometry formulas and drawing polygons in the gravel. It began to rain with a light breeze.  

Your hens are adorable and they enjoy swaying in  my pocket.  This is a wonderful thing.  I adore your little bearded hens, they are real sweethearts not artificial sweethearts.  They are actually the sweetest hens I have ever met in the universe.  

Everything was slowed down.  The cars were moving slowly with drivers and passengers.  The rain fell from the sky slowly.  People on bicycles moved slowly.  Time moved slowly.  The clouds in the sky drifted slowly.  Children in school performed their math slowly.  A young couple in love embraced slowly while the rain fell on them slowly.  People ate their meals slowly.  There was a peaceful atmosphere.  There was no war but some people practiced martial arts and martial sports slowly.  Some people practiced judo in slow motion but they felt light like  clouds.  When they were thrown they would fall slowly to the mat landing lightly.  When people went to their abodes to fall asleep they walked slowly.  Time was stretched out things lasted longer and their was great joy but not boredom.  It continued this way for a long time.

I was excited by the erotic power of prunes by the pound descending from the sky!

Red and orange paint splattered on the wall.  Giant purple worms bursting through the soil in the rain.  Giant birds swooping down and devouring them.  Fish riding bicycles in the rain while art metal music plays in the sky with sun shining through the rain clouds. 

Remembering empty boxes pared down to just one while wearing torn jeans and a faded tee shirt in a freshly vacuumed garage while the sky is overcast and grey.  Engrossed in an old book outdated but interesting feeling sheer joy and pleasure while reading every page of the book. I want to read it again.  What does it mean?  I want to know. I understand it partly.  How does it relate to my life?  How much truth is in there?

Please relinquish my tacos they long to be free and not only on Tuesdays.  They long to wander through wonderful places and not only on Tuesdays.  Yes, if it is at all

possible this would be marvelous.

A cat walked into a shopping mall and said "I am a gorgeous glamour puss."  A thirty seven year old woman responded with "Come and eat my dandelions  they will enlighten you on your flight to the planet Banderyangshingwacherinskichaobergkenikenwackerbockendangwackerlelloperenschenwakkeromanbopdahwangdakker, you of course understand".

Trillions of gummy worms chasing being chased by a medium small dog while a cat of mixed ancestry swats at the gummy worms with his paws and an a attractive girl eats shredded cucumbers with oil and vinegar dressing with a little sugar added.  She is a sweet girl who loves hens and artificial plastic flowers.  She works in a department store and lives with her sister and her female cousin. They share a small house and they go out to eat on Wednesdays when they all have the same days off which sometimes happens.  They also like to eat gummy worms once a week while watching movies at home.  Their favorite is to eat pizza, sandwiches and gummy worms while watching movies at home but not everyday, otherwise they would not be able to look forward to it.  

The Glorious  Blossoms Of Gorgeous Abstraction

Exploding rain clouds poured water down on the earth.  While our simple maiden down below on the earth lived simply.  Too simply for some people but she did not need the things that others needed there were stores a few miles away. She had only one radio, a tiny wood box with the electronic components inside.  She had only one plate and one bowl.  She had one combination fork spoon with tines only on one end  and one pocket knife she used for cooking and daily tasks.  She had only one multi-tool.  She had three pairs of each kind of clothing but only one rain poncho.  She had only one mutual fund with both stocks and bonds. She had three Towels and three  wash cloths.


She lived in one house and she had one car.  She had one laptop computer to use for shopping and entertainment.  She had one sofa and four tables with a dining room table.  She had a few close friends  and her parents.  She had only one book, her favorite math book.  The rest of her reading was downloaded on her computer.  She had one first aid kit for emergencies which she carried everywhere she went.  She took training in first aid every year.  Luckily, she never had to use her skills.

Her friends understood her and had grown accustomed to her ways and did not try to get her to buy more things.  She was happier with less things.  She had seen her parent have to eliminate clutter.  She learned from their mistakes.  Her simplicity should not be confused with lack of intelligence.  Her home was easier to keep clean and always looked neat.  She had enough food stashed away for an emergency but very neatly and she used her stock first in first out.  She kept the dates on her products even on her laptop computer she knew when she bought it and when she received it from shipping. 

Smaller things like her pocket knife she

kept the information in the box it came in.  She had a neat clothes line in her back

yard.  She lived on spacious land and her neighbors lived almost a mile away.  She

knew the sheriff and many of the towns

people.  She was unmarried  but had a

good male friend she liked to go to town

with.  She had female friends and a few

other male friends and they would get

together and have pizza or  wander

through the town.  Sometimes  she would

go to the town library and read about

anything she was curious about.  At home

she had a pull-up bar.  She like to

do a simple kind of medium grip pull-ups

and she liked to do narrow grip push-ups. 

She had a bicycle she rode around her property.

The Fantastic Wrens Of Day And Night

It was all about the wrens.  The wrens were the best and even better than the hens. Hens and wrens were eating lemons.  They were lemons from the heavens.  Each wren ate about eleven but the hens ate seven.

I adore your prunes with their eternal wisdom.  I even hear they took a trip to Lisbon.  All the wrens came with all their friends.  Being naughty was their song but they didn't do anything that was wrong.

There was thunder and lightening and powerful rain pounding the earth.  The wrens flew down from the sky with raging power.  They looked like they were about to attack an enemy with firm resolve.  They swooped down to the earth flying inches over the earth.  Then they flew upward into the sky.  It was a practice flight and perfect practice made perfect.  

A wren asked me "Your prunes are adorable, but what are you having for supper?"  I replied "A cheese sandwich with vegetables, a slice of apple pie and a whey protein drink"  The wren spread his wings and flew to his bird house without concern.

There was a wren that liked to to study basic geometry because it was well organized.  He turned the pages with his beak and used scavenged pencils and ink pens.  He studied in a larger than usual bird house built by a kind math tutor.

Prunes were walking along the sidewalk while someone said "I hear cheese in the air!".  While another said "I refurbished  my biscuits".  This was a wonderful state of affairs for the state which everyone was living.  Everyone gasped at the sight of the prunes walking along on the sidewalk.  Hmmm,  wonderful beards umyasssss.

367 gorgeous wrens were swaying on tree branches. Back and forth they were swaying.  They were highly conscious of what they were doing.  They also had elaborate discussions regarding the food humans left versus more natural food sources.

I was served a gorgeous lump of salt on a tray.  Meanwhile, the wrens were squeezing the water out of hand towels and enjoying peppermint candy.  Fifty thousand people were giving excess things to charity and making their homes appear much neater.  Five million people were eating sandwiches during the last twenty seven minutes.  Was this a coincidence?  

Some bird like creatures were flying in little space ships over the trees.  They were from another planet and they were observing the wrens.  They were studying the wrens.  They were more interested in the wrens than the humans.  They had already studied humans and human-like creatures in this and other galaxies.  They had evolved in a similar manner as the wrens but they were much more technically advanced.  

It was a wonderful day.  I was driving my Chevy on the way to the place where I was going to buy my burrito.  Meanwhile, I saw a real Impala walking on the sidewalk. What was he doing in my town?  He was not in his natural habitat, but I was in my own natural unnatural habitat.  However, I was being chased down the street by giant burritos but I am not sure why. I had the urge to escape but fortunately they weren't very fast runners.  They were loudly screaming like goats and sheep and I heard what sounded like drums and the sound of different bands and musicians playing over each other also people saying different things all at the same time.  Strangely, the burritos discontinued chasing me while I was driving my car at a specific street corner.  Fortunately, for me I was able to get to my favorite burrito place and enjoy eating it undisturbed. Later, out of curiosity I drove to the street corner where they had stopped chasing me and they had disappeared.  However, the cacophonous noise was still there but I had inner peace so it didn't disturb me.  I felt good because I was satisfied because I got what I wanted, my burrito.  I satisfied my craving.

In Glorious Remembrance Of Your Aunt Ferdinanda

Giant noodles were prancing through rainbow clouds while looking for high end butter.  This was going to be the tastiest plate of the winter.

I saw a stethoscope walking down the sidewalk.  It seemed unhappy.  I said "Excuse me, what is the matter?"  It said "Newer stethoscopes have been designed and I was forced to retire". I said "Not all is lost. Do you have a pension?".  The stethoscope answered in the affirmative and felt happier because she had an adequate pension and could enjoy her retirement.

I was undisturbed by a glorious hen strutting in someone's front yard.  Someone had just eaten dinner consisting of macaroni and cheese, fried egg plant slices, hot flour tortillas with butter, steamed corn and chocolate ice cream.  The beverage was chilled water with lime juice.  It must have been a heavenly experience for someone.  Someone had a large poster of tulips in the rain in their living room.  Someone was reading a novel and fell asleep in a cushioned very comfortable chair.  Someone was dreaming that they were sliding down the hypotenuse of an extremely large triangle.  It seemed to take a long time to reach the bottom of the triangle.  At the bottom of the triangle someone felt that they were on a piece of cardboard sliding down a grassy hill.  A friendly stethoscope waved at someone as someone was sliding down the hill.  Someone found themselves sitting on the grass talking to a person sitting on the seat of a picnic table.  The grass was spotty, some parts green and some parts dry.  It was vivid and they were discussing the history of Lithuania which someone knew very little about in real life.  Three hundred fifty thousand hens walked by.  The person that someone was talking to turned into an angry dragon with fierce green eyes that appeared to be angry.  Someone felt terrified but thought that their only choice was to fight the dragon.  Someone normally carried a small pocket knife in their pocket and they thought that they had to perform the impossible and win a fight with the dragon.  There was an earthquake  along with thunder, lightening and rain.  Someone reached into their pocket for their small folding knife and instead found the dullest butter knife they had ever seen in their entire life.  With a threatening glare the huge dragon looked down at someone who  was scared, frustrated but determined to survive against all odds...with a butter knife.  Out of the sky flew a giant worm like creature.  It walked on two nubs like a human being.  The giant worm walked up to the the dragon and said "You can't beat this pudding, partner.  This hear person ate chocolate pudding a while ago; thus giving them the power of self confidence combined with a butter knife!  Not only that, I'm hungry!"  The worm like creature did not appear to have eyes and devoured the dragon making greedy hungry noises.  The worm like creature was very excited.  It was not certain that the creature was actually a real worm.  It may have been some other species.  Someone's butter knife turned into a kite and they blew away holding onto something like an airline cable rather than a string.  There was a loop for someone to hold on to.  The person is named "Someone".  Someone is holding onto the loop on the cable of the giant kite.  Someone flew away into a strange dimension where they experienced falling in love with fifty trillion women in rapid succession  but each time felt like a life time.  Then someone was alone with a lovely girl in a park somewhere and they were alone together.  They wanted it to last forever.  They both shared the desire for apple pie which they did indulge in  a Victorian house in the dining room.  It was homemade and she made it.  Their hearts glowed with joy.  Then someone woke up with a butter knife from their dining room table.  Someone thought the dream was too vivid.  Someone missed the girl more than the apple pie.  It was all too real except for the dragon and the worm like creature.  The kite was a fancy.  Someone resolved to live their life to the best of their ability.  

Some workers were working in the street.  A manhole was open  and a turquoise cloud blew out of the man hole flew to the westward direction upward into the sky.  A purple drone flew over everyone and your clothes were torn and faded.  While a middle-aged woman was stir frying vegetables in an iron skillet.  She already cooked some white rice which she was letting it steam a little extra with lid on with the burner off.  She added a little soy sauce to the vegetables.  Then she put some of the rice in a bowl and scooped some of the vegetables on top of the rice. She preceded to enjoy her meal.  She also drank some cold water and it felt good.  The rain pounding on the roof of her home.  Down the street a garage band was practicing during the day time.  The band consisted of a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist.  Sometimes the drummer sang and all of them sang individually and sometimes together.  They sounded very good.  They didn't care about becoming famous and they had jobs but they loved to play in their band.  They made a recording and sold their compact discs but they didn't care about being famous.  They just were doing what they loved to do.  They had a deep  low sound and they liked to use power chords but not exclusively.  Sometime they played quietly and sometimes loud.  If the neighbors complained they practiced quietly but they avoided playing late at night or early in the morning.  They knew someone with a sound proof room and they loved practicing in it so that they could go all out.  They all had ear plugs because sometimes they would practice very loudly.  They could feel the music.  

The garage band went to their homes and one stayed in his home and they eventually fell asleep.  A  light breeze was blowing.  Then it began to rain lightly.  The whole town was quiet.  People stayed home.  Clouds above caused drizzle.

I heard a glorious hen squeak with laughter underneath an obtuse angle.  It was a magnificent scene unbelievable to the eyes.  It made me want to eat coconut cream pies and think about small chunks of concrete. Thus, began my career of collecting rain clouds but they tended to envelope grotesque modern statues in cities of various sizes.

The rain came when I thought it would never come.  I found beavers on the side of road with construction hats running cement mixers and bulldozers.  I thought I was full of bull or bull was full of me.  This was a formidable sight.  It made me glad that I never wore earrings.  Don't get me wrong, just because I don't wear earrings doesn't mean they are wrong for other people.  This is something I only think about on Tuesdays but I'm not sure why (If ever).  This may be a clandestine operation for people wearing homemade newspaper hats who were wearing overly and  unnessesarily unimpressive inexpensive party hats.

Later, I was brought a glorious bowl of air.  I was delighted while the sun was shining while it rained while curious birds were watching from the trees.

You brought to me a glorious  bouquet of green snails enlightened by a snafu of orange pearls circled by a golden battery charger of grand eloquence filled with gibberish.  She walked into the room wearing no make up and my heart fell through the floor.  I was fascinated by her in all her imperfect glory.  Her imperfection was her perfection.  I turned away from the bouquet of green snails and decided and decided that the divine imperfection in from of me was more interesting.  She suddenly sneezed and said "can I use the restroom?"  She apparently had consumed a large quantity of water.  She said she was hungry so we prepared a salad made of fresh ingredients and we ate at the dining room table and all was well.  It began to rain outside. I released the snail bouquet into the backyard.  The snafu of orange pearls rode away in miniature go carts and we had a splendid evening.  We fell asleep watching a video about questionable historical occurrences that may or may not have happened. It was fabulous.  

Your green hens are beautiful.  They are gorgeous with their purple party hats.  They were not required to wear collared dress shirts.  

A tale was told about blithering hens wearing wool coats and dancing in the wind.  They were overtaken in the rain.  The cities were never the same.  Ouch, I have an earache.  This is a wonderful scene driven by pilgrim descendants who play the violin.

We were cluttered by snack dancers who knew all the answers.  Condescending bridges were acting haughty.  Haughty young people turned away and lifted their noses upward while it began to rain green rain.  There was a young man driving around gliding one inch over the ground.  It appeared that there was no car and he was driving what appeared to be nothing but he was steering and shifting gears. No sound was heard.  The green rain had cleared up and the sky was overcast grey while the young man in his black tee shirt, jeans and skater shoes drove onward.  He had sun glasses on.  He drove away along the coast on a road by the beach sand dunes and buildings flashed by as he drove.  There were homes behind a brick wall as he drove past driving in an eastward direction.  It was in the afternoon.  He drove to the beach and sat down and began to drink a cup of warm herbal tea.  A fox ran along the wet beach sand as the tide ebbed and flowed back and forth.  A girl with wiggly hips in a bikini walked along the beach on the wet sand and the waves lapped at her ankles.  She lived in a beach house on the coast.  The young man who drove the invisible car sat and looked outward at the waves crashing on the beach.  Three miles down the coast in an eastward direction.  There sat a man in grey sweat pants and grey hoodie sweat shirt.  In his jacket pocket he had a short thick folding pocket knife the blade only about two inches long.  It was the only pocket knife he owned.  The waves crashed while the grey sky filled the beach with a chill.  The girl in the bikini walked up to him and said "Hey, don't I know you?".  He answered "You look familiar.  Did you attend Rachen Heights College?".  She responded in the affirmative.  They had taken a Geometry Class about three year earlier.  They both shared in interest in basic geometry.  They both walked to the wet sand and she drew an obtuse triangle in the wet sand.  He drew one of the exact same size facing the one she drew.  They were exactly congruent.  They were exactly congruent and facing each other one facing east and one facing west. They were perfectly symmetrical. Though they did not talk in class they became friends  at the beach and anywhere else.  They stayed in touch.  They were kindred spirits and they loved symmetry.  There homes were neatly organized and free of clutter.  Later, when they got to know each other they would raise their arms overhead and bend them forward making a human triangle together.   Was it by random chance that they found each other?  

Meanwhile, hamsters in a hovercraft flew by while jack rabbits were marching around in a park in a marching band.  Children were playing nearby with wood blocks and geometry books.  Adult were trying to play ping pong in the wind with hilarious results while a rap group played their music.  Thirty seven hens ran by. A pair empty jeans ran by.  Just the jeans without anything else. I wonder where they were going?

The sky became angry at the earth and sent down a powerful thunderbolt  to punish the earth.  The earth asked "What did I do wrong?  I can only do what is natural due to natural laws."  The sky responded "You are right.  Actually, despite being conscious I had the delusion that I was performing an action.  I too am controlled by natural forces.  Henceforth, I have lost my anger.  It is an illusion that we are separate.  We are one."  The earth and the sky embraced each other in harmony.  Then a man and a woman embraced each other.

I was indulging in a delightful bowl of fruit soup and it was outstanding while I was sitting.  It was fabulous.  I enjoyed the entire bowl of soup.  Then it began to rain on the roof.  There seems to be a rain theme.  Maybe I'm lucky because I enjoy the rain.  Some places need more rain.  There was a multitude of cats running through the streets like cattle and they were doing  a combination of moo and meow sounds.  It was fabulous.  I have no idea where they came from.  They were running in the rain.  In a few minute they were gone.  Then I saw a cat drive by in a small car suited for him.  He acted as if he was busy and had someplace to go.  My radio was playing and I was memorizing a geometry problem.  I took a break and looked outside and the rain began to rain backwards.  The street became dry.  I hoped it would rain and get wet again,

The Kittens Of A Different Dimension

Meanwhile, kittens were flying out of the rain clouds wearing combination rain poncho/capes.  It was very windy.  They were like little paratroopers.  Mother cats in military uniforms swooped in on the ground and carried them to safety into little cat buildings.  That is buildings built specifically for cats and build by cats.  These were highly advanced cats with highly developed computers.  They also had highly developed vehicles and highly developed mathematics.  As you can see they were highly developed cats and they had cat universities.  The cats also were autodidactic.  In other words, the cats had self study in almost any subject.  The cats studied arts and sciences.  They studied and learned about a wide variety of subjects.  Of course. many cats had specialties and also some cats were generalists.  This strengthened them as a group because they understood team work and they worked together combining their various skills and knowledge.  This created a synergistic effect and made them more powerful.

One female bird was quite busty as she strutted her voluptuous  figure she strutted up and down the yard while a dragonfly flew by.

Glub,glub,glub,bungla,bungla,bunlga. The people ran down the hill yelling while itrained down hard.  There was thunder and lightening.  A few people had food in their backpacks.  It was time to go to their shelters or to find shelter.  It was getting too cold and wet.  Giant raccoons were on the other side of the hills a few miles away.  It was rumored that the raccoons were running a raccoon racket.  It was frightening, partly because the raccoons were unusually large but quick and nimble.  For some reason the raccoons stayed in their area over the hills.  Most people were smart enough to not venture forth to where the raccoon giants were.  They were so massive that they made polar bears look tiny.  I ran home in the rain to my small but not tiny house.  It was time to put on some dry clothes after cleaning up.  I shook out my rain jacket and let it dry.  It was to be dry the next morning.  I heard on the radio about the raccoons.  It was amazing that no one was dumb enough to go and see the the raccoons.  The only exception was the mad scientists but they rode in their tank like vehicles that were very swift but the giant raccoons were all individuals.  There was one who swatted one of the tank like vehicles of the scientists.  It was designed to roll over and land on its wheels.  The scientists had designed it to fly which was necessary because there were places where there were no roads in the mountainous hills. They did not want to spend their lives being chased by giant raccoons.  Many of them decided to retire from raccoon observations.  Only a few were still wanting to continue with raccoon observations.  I had no desire to be around massive raccoons.  I was not one of the raccoonoligists.   Racoonology was not my forte.  I was more interested in reading about any subject that I was interested in which were many.  For a brief while I was curious about the evolution of hens but I became interested in the art of 1200's.  Of course, I was curious. 

My brain was infiltrated by penguins with newspapers in American English.    My mind was enveloped with the joy of reading papers for hours on end.  I was happy to know that the penguins were learning a little about the world but the newspapers were not enough, though they would need to be eventually be recycled. The newspapers not the penguins.

"I am here", said the purple bandicoot.  "Our journey is now in session".  The purple elephants traveled onward under giant microscopes the largest ever seen by any human being on earth.

I was riding in my car and the wheels were spinning but my mind was on a burrito.  It was a beautiful day but I was thinking about a burrito.  I was focused on my burrito so hard that the wheels on my car turned into burrito slices.  This continued until I satisfied my craving.  Then they became regular wheels again.  I drove home and it started to rain sweet and sour tangy candy, which of course I caught in some empty grocery bags.  I enjoyed larges amounts of the candy for dessert which I washed down with cold water in my pad.  Oh man, I didn't need to eat for five hours.  I had energy so I played my guitar for five hours and I walked on the ceiling while the rain pounded on the roof.  I mean rain water rain.  It watered all the plants in the city so much so that the flowers  bloomed in all their glory.  

Excessive Artichokes

Bald bald bald are the people who eat excessive artichokes.  Artichokes are fine in moderation, but excessive artichoke-eating may cause peoples' earlobes to grow longer and their hair to fall out.  Excessively long earlobes may get in the way while you are walking, running, riding a bicycle and they could catch in a door jam.

Also, caused by excessive artichoke eating, the earlobes may take on the behavior of cats' tails acting independently of each other and in some cases the lobes may wag like dogs' tails while the person who owns them is highly unaware of their behavior.

One young woman caught one of her earlobes stealing food off of a neighboring table while she was in a restaurant.  The other customers complained about her left earlobe.  The restaurant manager requested her to tie her ear earlobes in a bow. The woman was innocent.  It was the independent behavior of the earlobe that was the problem.  She had no control over her earlobes also she could no longer eat artichokes because she was a severe case.

Are the heart and mind combined?  Can there be a mind without a brain?  Why do people feel things in their hearts if emotions come from the brain?  Is everything connected? 

Baboons running through the turnip patch.

They're running swiftly they're hard to catch.

Rain pounding on a lid of a garbage can

The baboons are running as fast as they can.

Roosters riding on the backs of baboons

Children weeping while watching cartoons.

A dainty lady eating a dish of prunes

All this happening in the afternoon.


Turn up the radio nice and loud.

Throwing confetti on an angry crowd

They are angry because you turned your radio up too high

Someone’s mother is baking an apple pie.


Someone’s son is eating apple pie

Someone’s uncle is eating jam on rye

Someone’s getting fat we know why

“Most of the nation”, you sigh.

Hello, I saw you.  You greeted me and I greeted you, but you were too busy to let me tell you that a butterfly landed in the center of your forehead.  What were you going to do?  Walk around with a butterfly on the center of your forehead?  If you were going home, I hope it flew off.  If I wanted to tell you about the butterfly in the center of your forehead you might say "See you later", but there wasn't enough time tell you. Would you have believed me?  That's the catch.  You would think I was joking. 






There once were animals taller than three story houses that looked like giant penguins  and screamed like  goats but with deeper voices because they were giants.  They frighted humans, canines, felines and many other kinds of animals.  These giant animals ate everything that moved.  They would try to eat buses and airplanes but often ended up with indigestion.  

The frightened humans discovered a door to a different dimension.  It was hidden behind  honeysuckle vines in the corner of a yard.  Many did not know about this hidden door, but those who did went in.  Some went in with bravery, while others went in with trepidation.  Different people went to different dimensions.  There was a boy and a girl who went in through the honeysuckle covered door and went inside.  They found a place where it was slowly raining jelly beans in some places.  It was a very clean place.  There were stands where they could receive free chocolate ice cream.  Also, there were fruit trees that looked like large satsuma orange trees.  The fruit tasted even more delightful than where they came from.  

A few people who went through the honeysuckle covered door discovered a strange place where there were seven moons in the sky.  How could a world exist without  a bright star like the sun to help plants to grow?  It was in another dimension.  It was later discovered that the days were longer in this place.  After what seemed like a very long time, there was light from bright stars.  That world had two suns.  The days and night were longer than on earth.  

Pink clouds were dancing with orange clouds and dragons flew through the clouds.  Down below on the planet was the wreckage of what looked liked crashed dilapidated ice cream trucks.  What were they? There was  a man and a woman skipping across the land and throwing small saucer shaped objects.  Why were there humans there?  There did not appear to very many of them.  There appeared to be scattered fruit trees and others with what appeared to be some form of nuts.  The wind was blowing.  The man and the woman's hair was blowing in the wind.  They appeared to be wearing uniforms of a very simple sort.  Where were the uniforms from?  Where were they made?  A large machine shape like a giant insect with eleven legs on each side of it walked across the land.  It carefully avoided stepping on trees.

Behold, you may enjoy toasted fruitcake under an umbrella.  If this appeals to you it is suggested that you try it.

I was surprised to learn many people were in love with your hens!  It was disturbing to see that they were not being served chocolate chip cookies.  It gave many a former viking a headache.  Some people even complained that the hens did not spend enough time reading.  There was one hen obsessed  with Vishnu while another wanted to go fishing for wild Alaskan Salmon but did not know how.  I would have been satisfied to eat romaine lettuce sandwiches without the crusts.  I would have then fed the hens the crusts, thus not wasting the crusts.  A man in a purple robe was walking through the neighborhood claiming to be Vishnu.  Though, he looked striking, nobody was convinced that he was really Vishnu.  Some claimed that he was a human avatar.  Others thought he was a nut.  He challenged many people to a game of ping pong.  It turned out that he dominated ping pong.  He was the best ping pong player anyone had ever seen, but nobody knew where he came from.  He claimed to be from Cincinnati but many people were skeptical.  He could speak fluent Hindi and English,  He also spoke Latvian but nobody knew where he actually came from. He was the mysterious man in a purple robe claiming to be Vishnu. He denied being from India or Latvia.