Walking House

One night, a house in a middle class neighborhood realized it was conscious.  After a long slumber, it woke up late at night, stretched and yawned.  The house had been for sale.  Nobody was living in it.

In the house was a functioning desktop computer and a television set which it enjoyed using.  The house decided to move, so it grew long bird-like legs with feet like a chicken.  It was late at night when most people were asleep.

The house tiptoed gingerly through the neighborhood stepping over cars, trucks and other houses.  The other houses lacked awareness of themselves.  People were sleeping as the house stepped over their homes.  A patrolling police officer parked his car to observe what he saw.  His jaw dropped in shock.  What could he tell the police department?  When he called in to report what he saw, they thought he lost his marbles. The next day, the police found an empty space where the house had been.  The house walked all the way to the beach.  It was still dark outside in the early hours of the morning.  The ocean lapped at the house’s chicken feet as it tested the water.  The house giggled.  The water was cold.

The house converted itself into a house- boat and traveled its way out to the off- shore island.  It landed, grew legs, walked away and found a nice spot on the shore. Then it settled down and resumed its existence as a house and put itself on a long vacation.  There were other buildings nearby, but they were oblivious of their own existence.  In one of the buildings lived a park ranger and his wife, a tall blonde woman about six feet tall.  The ranger stood about six foot five inches tall and had dark brown hair.  He was the man of his wife’s dreams, intelligent, kind, handsome and entertaining.  He also could cook even better than she could.

The next day, the ranger and his wife were outdoors on the shore barbecuing fish that he caught.  They were also cooking potatoes wrapped in foil in the hot coals.  The sounds of the bluish green waves were rhythmic.  Some of the waves were six feet high and lapped the shore.

After enjoying their fish dinner, the ranger and his wife finally caught on that there was a house on the island that they had never seen before. 

“Zulina, look at that house!  Where did it come from over there?!  It was not there yesterday. It was never there at all”, said Jeff the ranger.  Zulina’s blonde hair blew in the wind.  She frowned with a puzzled look on her face.  “We’re not dreaming, I know.” said Zulina.  She and Jeff walked over to the house and rang the door bell and politely knocked on the front door. Nothing happened.  No one answered.  It was silent.  There was only the sound of the ocean and a light wind.  Zulina turned on her pocket A.M. / F.M. radio and listened to the news.  The news said that a house was missing in Acorn California and that there was no known reason for what happened to it.  Then the radio station changed the subject to the weather. 

Meanwhile, the Acorn police department kept silent. The officer who witnessed the house walking away had been taken off duty and sent to the mental health department.  He insisted to his therapist that he saw the house walking.  The therapist did not believe him.  The neighborhood was puzzled by its disappearance. 

The house was happier on the island.  Jeff called the mainland.  He called head-quarters and no one knew where the house came from.  Jeff and Zulina patiently waited a couple of days before checking up on the house.

I love it!”

 Zulina and Jeff loved each other. The insane situation did not change that. They both accepted that things were not normal.  They just looked at the seagull and had nothing to say.  Their view of reality had completely changed.  As long as they could have a good night’s sleep and three wholesome meals, they did not care about talking seagulls or walking houses.  They had no answers, so they did not care about being curious.  They were jaded by the insanity.  Zulina and Jeff went home and had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. They watched cartoons like children and smiled.